Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ bottom_padding=”5″ bottom_margin=”0″]Enrolment and admission to KidsFirst (the “School”) are subject to the terms and conditions set out below:[/text_block]
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  1. Admissions and School Policies. The enrolment of a prospective pupil to the School, including the placement of the prospective pupil into a particular year group, is subject to School admissions and entry policies and all other policies and procedures (including those relating to discipline and curriculum) as amended by the School from time to time.
  2. Withdrawal by the School of an Enrolment Offer. If any of the following occurs, the offer of enrolment or the enrolment itself can be withdrawn or suspended or made subject to new terms and conditions:
    • the School determines that there has been any breach of the School’s policies or procedures or these Terms and Conditions, or that circumstances as described in these Terms and Conditions arise that entitle the School to exclude or remove a pupil, or withdraw or suspend enrolment or make enrolment subject to new terms and conditions;
    • there has been any misrepresentation or inadequate disclosure about the prospective pupil
    • the School determines at any time that it cannot reasonably meet the child’s needs, this may include, without limitation, situations where the School was unable to interview the prospective pupil fully before offering a place to the prospective pupil (e.g., where the prospective student was overseas) and subsequently determines it cannot meet the child’s needs. If a pupil’s existing enrolment is withdrawn, suspended, or made subject to new Terms and Conditions for any of the aforesaid reasons, this will be done pursuant to School policy.


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  1. Refundable Deposit. When a pupil is offered a place the parent/guardian shall immediately pay the requisite Refundable Deposit. The Refundable Deposit secures a place on the School’s enrolment until the following term’s fees or the following year’s fees are due. Upon the payment of the said term fees or annual fees, the School shall have the right to continue to hold the Refundable Deposit for the duration of the pupil’s enrolment, to secure the pupil’s place on the School’s enrolment for the next, following term or year. When the pupil leaves the School, the Refundable Deposit is refundable in accordance with the School’s Withdrawal policies and Refunds policies as may be determined by the School and notified to the parents/guardians from time to time, subject to any off-set referred to in these Terms and Conditions. The School reserves the right to offset the Refundable Deposit against part or all of any amount that the parent/guardian may owe at any time to the School, including outstanding tuition fees, charges for academic materials, meals, bus transportation, reimbursements and damages. Any refund of the Refundable Deposit shall be without interest and without taking into account fluctuations in exchange rates.
  2. Withdrawal by Parent/Guardian. If a parent/guardian desires to withdraw a child for any reason from the School, that parent/guardian shall give six weeks written withdrawal notice to the School. If a written withdrawal notice is delivered to the School during a School holiday it will be deemed received by the School on the first day in session following the holiday.
  3. Fees Due. A full term’s tuition fees are payable for any term during which the pupil is in attendance be it for part or all of that term, regardless of the reason for partial attendance. If tuition fees have not been paid they shall remain due and payable, and the Refundable Deposit shall be used to offset the tuition fees, and the parents/guardian remain liable should there be any shortfall.
  4. Variation All tuition fees and charges are subject to variation at any time and the rates shown to a parent/guardian may not be the rates applicable on the date when a place is offered or when withdrawal is made.
  5. Attendance Conditional upon Full Payment. The parent/guardian accepts that a pupil’s entitlement to begin or continue classes at the School is conditional upon payment in full of each term’s tuition fees and all other charges for which the parent/guardian is liable. The parent/guardian shall take full responsibility to ensure that payment is made in full whether or not tuition fees and other charges are paid by the parent/guardian or the employer of one of the parents/guardians.
  6. Exclusion for Non-Payment: In addition to any charges that may be imposed, the School reserves the right to exclude a pupil where parents/guardians fail to pay in full the tuition fees or any other sum for which a parent/guardian is liable by the payment deadline. The School may also withhold any information, pupil reports or property in the aforesaid circumstances.
  7. Pupil Photographs. Photographs or film of pupils may appear in the School’s materials, prospectus, brochures, websites, advertisements or press releases. Parents/guardians who would not like their child to appear in any or all of these must notify the School in writing at the time of application.
  8. Termination by the School: The School may at any time terminate this agreement and the prospective pupil’s enrolment may be withdrawn or suspended or made subject to new terms and conditions on one term’s written notice, or on less than one term’s notice where the School has reason, in its opinion, to determine that permanent exclusion or removal is required. The School shall not take such action without good cause and, where possible, full consultation with a parent/guardian and the pupil. Exclusions shall be carried out according to School policy, which is available to parents/guardians. Parents/guardians have the right to appeal to the Orbital Education International Schools Development Officer on a decision to permanently exclude a pupil.
  9. Parental Consent. If one parent/guardian of a pupil consents to or approves a course of action, both parents/guardians will be deemed to have given such consent or approval, and the School shall not be obliged to obtain the consent of both parents/guardians. Where the need arises, the School may authorise the taking of such action as the School deems necessary or desirable in the circumstances, including obtaining medical examination or treatment of a pupil, calling for further medical or specialist advice or treatment or the removal of the pupil to a hospital or other location, all expenses thereby incurred being for the parent’s/guardian’s account. The School will endeavour to contact one or both parents/guardians in the above circumstances and endeavour to obtain their consent but where neither parent/guardian can be reasonably contacted or if the School deems that the circumstances do not reasonably allow for such contact to be made, the School is hereby authorised to take such action as it deems necessary or desirable in the interest of the pupil and the School.
  10. School Liability. The School shall not be held liable or responsible for any personal or other injury or loss that a pupil, parent/guardian or any other person may sustain at any time:-
    • outside the School premises including without limitation on the road, pavement or car parks outside the School, notwithstanding that School staff may be present or providing traffic control guidance at such location.
    • on a school bus or on a school trip save as specified in the School’s school bus and trips policy.
    • within the School premises unless such injury or loss is sustained during a School supervised activity and is directly and fully attributable to the fault or negligence of the School or the School employees. In particular, the parent/guardian acknowledges that some School activities including without limitation sporting and play time activities are important to the pupil’s educational and developmental needs, but by their nature such activities may involve the risk of physical injury even though the School has taken reasonable steps to minimise the risk of injury.
    • anywhere, whether within or outside the School premises, in connection with any unsupervised activity or any activity partly or wholly supervised or provided by any third party other than the School.



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ bottom_padding=”5″ bottom_margin=”0″]Please note that it is important to declare in writing all medical, behavioural, emotional and other issues that might affect your child’s life at the School. In the case of a child with special educational needs, the School shall have the right to assess at any time whether it can provide or continue to provide adequate educational care and provision. If your child has previously been asked to leave another school, this information must be provided. Failure to give full and frank disclosure in writing at any time during the application process shall entitle the School to withdraw or suspend the offer of enrolment or the enrolment itself or to make the offer or enrolment itself subject to new terms and conditions with immediate effect.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment by the School and shall take effect within 30 days from the date written notice is given to a parent/guardian, whether by printed copy, email notification, website notification or otherwise.[/text_block]


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