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At KidsFirst International Kindergarten, we are passionate about offering world-class education to our students. That is why we have adopted two curriculums; the creative curriculum and the International Pre-school Curriculum to further extend the benefits of international education--with the aim of fulfilling the educational and developmental needs of your child.


And that was how the Shell School Curriculum Project took center stage; responses to the curriculum quickly became public as Shell leaders and teachers moved on to other schools. The International Primary Curriculum was born as a result of the demand from these people that field education took sole responsibility and ownership for its development and growth.

The goals of IPC are broken into three distinct categories of learning; knowledge, skills and understanding—an essential combination to achieve the most effective learning experience.

Knowledge Learning Goals

Knowledge can be regarded as factual information and it is relatively straight to the point when it comes to teaching and assessing, even for the fact that it is not easy to recall. Your children can research what they have to learn, but you can also revel the knowledge they need to know.

Skills Learning Goals

With skills, children are able to do a whole lot of things. Skills must be learned in a practical way and need some time to be practiced. IPC  is based around the assessment of children’s skills.

Understanding Learning Goals

Understanding is the consideration of big ideas, and it’s always developing. You can teach understand, but what we do at KidsFirst is to provide a wide range of different experiences through which children understanding can be enhanced.

With International Preschool Curriculum,  the standard for kindergarten has been improved, making it more comprehensive in areas, such as arts, crafts, music, movement and so much more. Throughout the world, families, teachers and communities experience the huge benefits of the IPC's world-class curriculum. Present in more than 100 schools across 6 continents, IPC has introduced a more progressive and innovative global education system.

The IPC is a thoughtful curriculum built to encourage individual learning and provide children with a variety of early education. This innovative, advanced method has many advantages, including:

  1. Molding children into becoming self-reliant and independent thinkers
  2. Arming them with good communication skills
  3. It introduces them to the world of social care
  4. It helps them to sharpen their predicting skills

The Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum embodies a holistic approach to exposing children to the world of exploration and discovery. Thus, children learn while interacting and playing amongst their play group.

  1. The curriculum lends itself to the overall development of the child with specific interest in keeping them in tune with their environment, feelings and emotions.
  1. The teaching styles are research-based and widely accepted in the major curriculum round globe
  2. The Creative Curriculum was designed in such a way to allow students learn at their own pace, since the assimilation and understand abilities of students differs
  3. A wonderful learning experience awaits students
  4. The Creative Curriculum is in sync with a conducive environment for learning, instigating a sense of respect among students for their immediate environment.


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